Memotive, a Farplas Automotive Venture, Has Spun-Off

Sep 1, 2022 4 Min EVENTSNEWS FROM US

Memotive, a super app for employee experience, has completed its spin-off from Fark Labs Innovation Center’s Better Future Path accelerator program. Memotive won the Farplas Automotive Intraprenership Contest, which sparked the idea of improving employee experience holistically.

Memotive built a system that benefits both employees and employers by emphasizing the employee experience and thus increasing engagement and satisfaction. Memotive is a super app for large-scale businesses that integrates many processes, tools, and features into a single app, resulting in a strong digital bond. Thanks to Memotive, employees can now have access all of their company information at their fingertips.

Memotive is digitizing the entire shuttle organization and shift planning system, based on the premise of “The journey of employee satisfaction begins with their first touchpoint: shuttle service.” Organizations can use the Memotive app to make service planning very quickly and easily based on their employees’ weekly changing shifts, and employees can track their weekly working hours, which shuttle they will use, and the shuttle’s real-time location. They can also book a guest shuttle, if they want to use other shuttles on a daily basis. This automation not only increases employee satisfaction, but it also improves business efficiency significantly.

Memotive makes it easier for employees to access information such as important announcements, digital gift certificates, and lunch menus, as well as efficiently communicate company messages and foster an open company culture.

Furthermore, employees can rate their drivers and share any wishes, suggestions, or dissatisfaction from a single screen. Every step of management’s fulfillment of these requests is communicated to the employee in a transparent manner. Employees can use this method to quickly communicate their concerns while also tracking the workflow’s progress. The questionnaires selected from the company’s survey library can be easily applied, and all results can be shared directly with the Memotive team for deep analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Memotive, which has already begun serving 3.500 employees with its solid team, is excited to meet its new clients.

We congratulate Memotive on their goal of increasing trust and loyalty between the company and its employees through the digitization of the corporate lifecycle and wish them continued success on their journey.