Harnessing collaborative intelligence to build the future of mobility.

At Farplas, we are passionate about creating a truly collaborative and creative culture where innovation thrives. We operate with a design-thinking and customer-focused view with a thorough understanding of key market and technology trends. We aim to remain a true partner to our customers and offer them system solutions and services tailored to their applications and goals.

Our R&D and Advanced Projects teams collaborate with technology institutions, industry partners, start-ups, and customers to develop next-generation high-performance, lightweight, sustainable products, curricular economy, and production technologies. We are eager to take the driving experience to the next level by enhancing functionality, design, safety, affordability, and sustainability. We also have dedicated teams focused on digital transformation to achieve operational excellence. Our data analytics teams work on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and image processing solutions built on our internally developed data architecture supported with fully integrated digital plant infrastructure.

Farplas is one of the pioneers in establishing significant R&D activity among Turkish automotive suppliers. We currently have four R&D centers at Fark Holding, two of which are government-certified R&D centers at Farplas. Our first R&D center obtained its authorization from Turkiye’s Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2009, much earlier than many industry players and even OEMs in Turkiye. In addition, we received the “Best R&D Centers Performance Award” in the automotive supplier industry in 2012 from the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Fark Labs, our second R&D center, qualified for its government license in 2019. Having received several awards from our customers over the years, all of our R&D centers continue to work as the leading innovation centers of Turkiye.



Our R&D projects funded by national and international institutions exceed industry averages. We are an active member of several projects and lead one project in Horizon 2020, the EU’s flagship research and innovation program.

  • MULTICYCLE Advanced & Sustainable Recycling Processes And Value Chains For Plastic-Based Multi-Materials

    MultiCycle will deliver an industrial recycling pilot plant for thermoplastic-based multi-materials using the patented CreaSolv® process as a key enabling step towards realizing a circular plastics economy. It will demonstrate the shift to a circular economic model in two important industrial segments: multilayer packaging / flexible films and fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites in the automotive sector, as indicators of potential in many others.

    For more information, please visit Horizon 2020

  • I4Q Industrial Data Services For Quality Control In Smart Manufacturing

    The i4Q project will help micro, small, and medium European manufacturing enterprises overcome the hurdles preventing them from entering the fourth industrial revolution.

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  • TEAMING.AI Human-AI Teaming Platform for Maintaining and Evolving AI Systems in Manufacturing

    TEAMING.AI aims to overcome the lack of flexibility as a limiting factor of current Industry 4.0 while ensuring the role of the human being in the future industrial scenario through a human-centred AI collaboration. The project aims to make a breakthrough in smart manufacturing by introducing greater customization and personalization of products and services in AI technologies. A new human and AI teaming framework will optimize manufacturing processes and maximize the greatest strengths of both these elements while examining and maintaining the safety and ethical compliance guidelines.

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  • REVOLUTION Supporting the EV Revolution

    The project aims to support the Electric Vehicle REVOLUTION by maximizing EV range and end-of-life vehicle recovery by optimizing recycled plastics and advanced light materials. Farplas is the consortium coordinator for the REVOLUTION project.

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  • VITAL Replacing Conventional Fossil-Based Petrochemical Materials With Sustainable Bio-Based Alternatives

    VITAL (InnoVatIve processing Technologies for bio-based foAmed thermopLastics) brings together a world-leading consortium consisting of industrial processors and equipment manufacturers along with end-user partners from the automotive, electronics and marine sectors and leading research and technologies organisations from across Europe.

    It aims to replace conventional fossil-based petrochemical materials with sustainable bio-based alternatives. VITAL will look at multiple manufacturing processes ranging from high-volume injection moulding (conventional and foamed) and low to medium volume 3D printing. 

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Fark Labs TEKMER

Fark Labs TEKMER is an innovation center bringing together entrepreneurs, companies, and investors who aim to build a better future for all. Fostering innovation and continuous transformation through collective wisdom and collaboration, Fark Labs TEKMER supports everyone enthusiastic about emerging technologies and eager to make a real difference in the world at every step.



The EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Turkiye is led by Fark Labs – Farplas Automotive in partnership with Sabanci University and PwC Turkiye with the aim to improve urban mobility in Turkiye, share new technologies, and connect the local stakeholders with our international community. The EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Turkiye is supported by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.


Our mobility-focused initiatives and startups at Fark Labs


Saykal Elektronik, mobilite ekosisteminin ihtiyaçlarına yönelik ileri teknoloji elektronik sensörler, motor sürücüler ve kontrol sistemleri geliştirip üretmektedir.

F+ Ventures is Fark Labs’ venture capital arm, which invests in late seed and Series A startups within the smart mobility ecosystem that provide disruptive solutions through superior technologies or unique business models.

Dock, lock, and charge! DUCKT is the world’s first smart mobility startup that develops and operates universal docking, locking, and charging infrastructure solutions for micromobility in the urban environment.

Comodif empowers connected mobility solutions. Its technology collects, classifies, and transforms telematics data into connectivity services through the cloud. Comodif accelerates the time to market for new connectivity services while optimizing cost and mitigating risks for its customers.

MEMOtive is an employee experience management platform that improves employees’ lives with touchpoints such as shuttles, facility usage, and interactive communication capabilities. Real-time data and continuous feedback enhance employee experience, efficiency, and engagement at every step of the journey.

Mobiqu designs and develops next-generation modular box systems for the pharma, medical, food, and retail industries. We offer temperature-controlled and insulated packaging solutions with IoT integration and sensors to preserve, track, and monitor your deliveries. As a result, the future of cold chain and last-mile delivery is fully digital, sustainable, and efficient!

Inspired by human vision, Buyutech develops 360° surround vision systems, artificial intelligence technologies, and advanced driver assistance solutions, enabling cars to perceive the world more like humans. The company has sold over 80,000 smart camera products in 120 countries, bringing us the mobility solutions of the future today.