Exterior Detail

Oct 18, 2021

Robust and functional exterior trims with a high aesthetic value


We provide considerable weight-saving opportunities with our engineering capabilities in developing underbody trims such as front-end modules, wheel arch liners, and engine under-body trims. We also offer technology solutions including body-color painting, various high gloss solutions (e.g., painting, in-mold color, 2K PMMA injection), FiberForm, physical/chemical Foaming, various bonding technologies (e.g., welding, cure-on demand, PUR adhesives), and other composite technologies enabling the metal to plastic and plastic to plastic integration.


Exterior trims play an essential role in defining the brand identity, amplifying the brand promise, improving vehicle safety, and reducing fuel consumption through lightweight and aerodynamic design. We create exterior trim solutions with a high-quality finish designed to maintain value throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. Our solutions combine innovative materials with injection, painting, and bonding technologies through excellent design, which results in improved properties such as being lightweight, design freedom, and resistance to crash and other external conditions.

Our product range includes complete exterior trim systems: body-color painted spoilers, metal to plastic converted trims, composite closures, fuel filler door and housing systems, charge port systems, front grilles, cowl systems, and wheel covers.