Farplas declares that Information Security is supportive in reaching our vision and in this sense; 

  • Protection of electronic and non-electronic information of automotive spare parts products,regarding  import, export, transit, customs and foreign trade (including customs procedures and logistics), storage and  financial activities;  
  • Information security management system for the protection of information assets arising from all Farplas  processes, including the design, production and assembly of plastic parts and lighting products for motor,  electric and hybrid vehicles; customs and foreign trade transactions carried out within this context,  including logistics, storage, accounting, finance and information processing activities related to these  transactions. 
  • It accepts and undertakes the information security management system within the following scope of Production, Project and Engineering Studies, Purchasing, Sales and Marketing, Information Technologies,  Human Resources, Financial Affairs, R&D Activities and all of security proeventions regarding physical and  electronic information assets of all these activities

Farplas detects the Information Security; as the protection of the following basic features of information  assets; 

✓ Privacy; Information being accessible only by authorized persons, 
✓ Integrity; Protecting information from unauthorized changes and being noticed when changed,
✓ Usability; The information is available to authorized users when needed. 

For this purpose we aim; 

  • To ensure the security of information assets both belong to our company and shared with us by our  stakeholders within the scope of our business processes, 
  • To define, evaluate, eliminate and continuously improve potential risks on information assets;
  • To manage our information assets and measure process performance in line with the principles of  “Confidentiality, Integrity, Accessibility and Sustainability”, 
  • To minimize the interruptions that may occur due to information security in all our business processes  and activities within the scope, 
  • To report all actual or potential violations, to detect nonconformities that cause violations and to take  measures to prevent their repetition, 
  • To provide necessary and qualified training to all related process owners and employees in order to  ensure and increase information security awareness, 
  • To carry out our ISMS activities in accordance with all legal requirements regarding information security,  existing standards and agreements with the 3rd parties (business partners, customers, suppliers), 

You can reach the e-mail address ihlal@farplas.com for any security violations you have observed in our  facilities. 

First Issue: 01.04.2019
Revision Date: 10.05.2022
CEO Revision No:03